Rust Bridesmaid Dress Ideas— 16 Trendy Gowns + FAQs

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Recently, variations of the rust bridesmaid dress is popping up all around the country. Rust tones are wholesome and suit every skin tone, hair color, and wedding theme. You can wear this in any season and the color works well with most dress silhouettes.

It’s a versatile, unexpected, passionate choice. You get the boldness of orange without losing the formality you may want. With all of the shade options, you won’t be limited in your choices of accessories.

We’re loving this trend and want to let you in on the craze. Scroll down and you’ll find terra cotta, orange, copper, and several other versions of rust hues for your bridesmaids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rust color. What color is this?

What colors go with rust bridesmaid dresses?

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Burnt Orange Gowns For Girls

The most difficult part about choosing the perfect rust color bridesmaid dress is deciding the specific tone and finish. It’s important to do both at the same time as the matte or shiny characteristics can drastically alter how the color is perceived. Burnt orange can be bright, exciting, and energetic. Rust orange bridesmaid dresses can also be subtle and romantic. It all depends on what you prefer.


Cinnamon Color Ideas Dresses

Cinnamon is the perfect marriage of pink and brown. These cinnamon rust color bridesmaid dresses make a clear statement. An early fall, outdoor wedding surrounded by nature is the ideal environment for this look.


Terracotta Rust Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Rust terracotta bridesmaid dresses are very earthy, reminiscent of a sunset. Modern brides reach this old-world color palette to represent values, simplicity, and romanticism. This particular color choice enhances every skin tone. It also works especially well in desert wedding locales, beautifully blending with sand tones and surrounding scenery. If dunes are a little too far away for you, you can get an equally gorgeous look out of a bohemian wedding theme.


Rust Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Adding the shine from a satin finish can completely transform the look of your bridesmaids. Rust satin bridesmaid dresses are perfect for mixing and matching. Allow your bridesmaids the flexibility to choose their preferred silhouette, tone, and style. A similar satin shine will make the entire team match while still maintaining their individuality.

Velvet Bridal Party Bridesmaid Gowns

Rust velvet bridesmaid dresses are very soft on the eyes. The fabric is a little warmer than other options so it’s best enjoyed in cooler months. It’s also a very luxe look, making it perfect for traditional and formal weddings in the late fall and winter. This fabric choice is yet another opportunity to mix and match colors and styles while retaining a unified look for your bridesmaids.