20 Ideas Of Amazing Bride To Be Gifts You Should Buy

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Every gift you give a bride is perfect as long as they’re not suggestive, unwelcome, or too personal. The goal is simply for the bride to love the gift, and, hopefully, use it more than just once.

Think jewelry, apparel, hair accessories, golf boxes… There are so many bride-to-be gifts that are both affordable and stylish, and we’ve got a long list! So if you’re looking for best gifts ideas for the bride-to-be, see this post, and you will find it!

Brides Often Ask

What kind of gift should you bring to a bridal shower?

What is the best gift for a bride-to-be?


Cute Gifts For Bride To Be


Coasters For Jewelry

One of the most ingenious gifts for a bride-to-be is the coasters for jewelry. These coasters can be used to hold many things from drinks to keys, and more. However, their aesthetic appeal makes them suitable for bridal jewelry. Opt for coasters made out of resin, acrylic, ceramic, or even geode. Take it a step further by customizing them with the bride’s name and maybe the wedding date.

Average price: $12

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Glasses are some good gifts for the bride-to-be. It’s a time for celebration, and she needs varieties of glasses. Gift her a set of champagne flutes for her enjoyment when she’s alone or with the company. If she loves her beer, a set of custom beer glasses complete with beer openers will do.

You can also buy her an engraved set of Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses for when she needs to have wine with her partner. Another alternative is the glass mugs that she can use for her coffee, tea, or beverages.

Average price: $20

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Funny Gifts For Bride To Be

Friends Themed Tumbler

We are huge fans of “Friends”! If a future bride likes this cool TV show too and has a good sense of humor, consider this cute vacuum-insulated tumbler with a lid and straw. She will carry it everywhere with her and every time she’ll have a drink, she’ll smile and think of your cute gift.

Average price: $21


Badass Bride Soy Candle

This candle is not only fun, cool, and cute. It’s also made by hand with 100% natural soy wax, non-toxic, and contains premium essential oils. Bride-to-be can use it when sleeping, relaxing, or exercising. After the candle is completely used up, she can use it to store some small objects.

Average price: $20

Sleepwear As Soon To Be Bride Gifts


Sleep sets

The bride needs her beauty sleep in preparation for the big day. So you can make that happen by getting her a sleep set. Sleep sets are soon-to-be bride gifts that she can use before and after the wedding. Opt for silk, wool, or satin in stunning colors that she would love.

If you’re getting more than a set, consider mixing them in sleeves, short sleeves, three pieces, or four pieces that include a lounge set. Monogram with her name, Mrs, or a cute quote that she relates to.

Average price: $50


One of the best bridal shower gifts is a robe that she will need on the wedding morning before dressing up. Consider floral prints, lace accents, super-soft, and silky robes set for your girl. You can have them long or short, depending on the bride’s taste.

We also love the idea of satin, tulle, or Chantilly lace, especially in white color. Have them encrusted with crystals, or keep them plain and monogram with the bride’s name. She will thank you for it.

Average price: $60


Outfit Inspiration For Bride Gifts


Looking for the perfect engagement party gifts that the bride can wear every time? A custom t-shirt would do. Choose only fabrics that give comfort like wool. Monogram or paint her name on it. She can wear it on dates, to run errands, or chill in them.

She can also travel in them or wear them to the bridal shower, telling everyone that she’s the woman of the moment. You can source affordable ones and buy them in her favorite colors.

Average price: $30



Protect the bride from the cold by getting her a fashionable sweatshirt as a gift. Get her a cute minimalist sweatshirt with the Mrs. logo on it. You can also get her a hoodie sweats or sailing sweatshirt monogrammed with her name. Work with her best colors so that she’ll love them. These engagement gifts are best for winter.

Average price: $45

Accessories As Gifts For A Bride To Be



Caps are some of the best gifts for a soon-to-be bride because they come in varieties. Get her a face cap customized with her name. She can wear it to the mall, at the gym, or on casual outings. Another option is a straw or rattan hat, perfect for the beach and tropical getaways.

Alternatively, a head warmer is a great winter idea, while a beret would serve her for different kinds of formal and semiformal outings.

Average price: $25


Depending on what your girl loves, there are many styles of bags to choose from. Buy her clutches where she can put her phone, money, and powder during outings. A woven bag is also perfect if she’s rustic or a girl next door kind. You can also get her tote bags to look fashionable when she goes grocery shopping or to the beach.

However, if the bride loves to take short holidays, a weekend purse is a great gift that she will appreciate. Customize it by putting her name somewhere discreet.

Average price: $30



We love garters as bride-to-be gifts because this may be an item she didn’t see as important. However, she will need it on her wedding day for the groom to take off. So give her that something blue with a powder blue lace fabric garter. You can also opt for a silk garter fabric lined with pearls.

If you want statement garters, opt for the ruffled or embroidered styles. But for a flirty girl, consider the coquette style encrusted with crystal.

Average price: $16


Jewelry sets are arguably the best gifts for the bride-to-be. They are long-lasting and would stay relevant until she turns them into keepsakes. This jewelry may also rescue her at the wedding or bridal shower if she forgets to buy some. Opt for rose in different shades, platinum or sterling silver as they never tarnish.

Vintage lockets, bracelets, cuffs, and earrings are perfect options. Mount them with her birthstones, especially as birthday gifts for the bride-to-be, or engrave them with her name.

Average price: $40


Hair Accessories Gift Ideas For Brides


Buy the bride bows made of light, fluffy tulle, sparkling crystals, and luminous pearls to make a glam wedding statement. If she loves the vintage vibe, a birdcage veil paired with the pearl-embellished bow detail on a headband is perfect.

If she’s the rocker chic and trendy bride, a scrunchie bow is just what she needs for her wedding and reception. Personalize it with her name for some swag.

Average price: $15



Hoops are stunning hair accessories that can be woven into the hair, highlighting braids, buns, and ponytails. They are also perfect accessories for any outfit from formal to casual, rustic to flirty, and everything in between. Buy them in silver, gold, and stainless for aesthetics. The bride can pair them with embellished headbands, veils, and birdcage veils.

Average price: $12


Gift your girl a velvet pearl embellished headband or a grosgrain Swarovski pearl dotted band with French veiling. You can also choose a halo band, one made from rhinestones, or a Greco crepe embroidered band variation. Whatever style you choose, they will serve her on the wedding day and beyond to keep her hair in place.

Average price: $8



Pins are a bride’s best friend for her big day. The best part is that she would wear it beyond the wedding. Get her sets of twig and vine pins that make a statement while holding her hair down.

Other options are fancy crystals and rhinestones bobby pins, encrusted styles, and single pearl dotted pins. There are so many styles to choose from, so just look out for something fashionable that she’ll love.

Average price: $8

Gift Boxes For Bride To Be

Get the bride thoughtful boxes that she cannot do without. A goodie box containing gourmet meals, wines, cookies, and a heartfelt card is a winner. Goodie boxes will feed her with cravings she could only dream of.

You can also opt for personal essentials like spa items ranging from scrubs to soaps, candles, kinds of butter, balms, and the like. The box ensures that she relaxes and pampers herself towards the wedding.

Alternatively, a survival box is one she’d cherish the most, as they contain things she may need on the wedding day. Fill it with perfumes, breath mints, floss, compact powder, lipsticks, balms, and wipes. Snoop through your girl’s emergency kit and get her a set of new ones.

Average price: $40

Above, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of bride-to-be gifts. They are essential, creative, functional, and stunning. These gift ideas are also affordable so that you can pick up anyone without hurting your budget. We also answered your questions about what and how to gift the bride. So if you need inspiration, go through this post for ideas.