The 50 Best Engagement Gifts Any Couple Will Love

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The best engagement gifts capture the couple’s personalities and passions making them meaningful. They do not need to be pricey or ornate. Most of the just-engaged gifts are so affordable, that they cost under $60.

Scented candles, tote bags, soaps, jams, jewelry, and more. We’ve got the whole list! So if you’re looking for inspiring engagement gift ideas, check this post.

Engagement Gift Boxes

The most unique and fun engagement gifts are those that help the couple celebrate from Engagement to Honeymoon and engagement gift boxes help do just that. Whether you are looking for a one-time box or you want to really pamper the bride-to-be with a bridal subscription box, we have the best ideas for you below.

All-In-One Gift Boxes

The 15-in-1 Ultimate Birde Box from Miss To Mrs® is a mega gift box packed with 15 premium products and curated to help celebrate throughout the engagement journey. Don’t forget to also check out a 10-in-1 Ultimate Groom Box, yep, for the groom-to-be.

Bridal Box Subscription

Miss To Mrs® BOX Subscription – Learn More

A Miss To Mrs® BOX Subscription is definitely at the top of the list of 2023 and 2024 brides. Because why celebrate only once if you can pamper the bride every month (or every 2,3 months) with a subscription box tailored for her wedding planning journey. Themed boxes come with full-size bridal merch – apparel, decor elements, bachelorette party & honeymoon essentials, and lots more exciting products to her enjoy the engagement journey.

Best Engagement Gifts

The best engagement gifts don’t have to cost a fortune to be personal and thoughtful. Take your relationship with the newly engaged couple into consideration while choosing a gift. Also, knowing their passions, favorite things and personality will help you choose.

Customized dessert box

A customized dessert box and some exotic wine for couples is a perfect bonding gift. Curate glazed donuts, sandwiches, cupcakes, cheese, and their favorite chocolate bars for night cozying up.


Get them cute trendy necklaces with their initials engraved on them. Go for gold in white, rose, or yellow shades. You can also do two tones depending on their preference.

Couple watches

Buy trendy his and hers wrist watches for the couple within budget. It looks cool when couples wear matching items that are not so conspicuous. This heightens the intimacy between them.

Unique Engagement Gifts

The best engagement gifts are unique ones that people will never think to give. See some unique engagement gift ideas that cost between $10 to $200


This is a beautiful engagement gift for her to flaunt her beauty and relax. From everyday relaxation and beyond the honeymoon, you’ve got her covered.


Canva banners

Make a contribution towards their big day by gifting them canvas banners. These banners could be cute messages, quotes, their new family name, wedding dates, etc.

Air plant terrariums

One of the best ideas for engagement gift presents is the air plant terrariums. It is very unique and infuses the ambiance and surroundings with a class perfect for their home.

Customized Engagement Gifts

Whether you’re gifting your person or the couple that got engaged, a customized gift is a memento the recipients will cherish, especially as they build their lives. These gifts could range from sentimental keepsakes to practical gifts that feature in wedding planning. They would never let go because it is custom-made for them.

Personalized coffee bean bag

Does she love her morning coffee? Grab a can of the exotic brew and secure it in a personalized coffee bean bag. Cardstock, burlap, straw, or soft leather bags are great options. Write your thoughts, congratulations, or her name on it and sign off. She will cherish your gift.

Men’s ring

Buy him a classy and bold men’s ring for the fashionable and confident man. Platinum and sterling silver with prominent heads attract men more.

Personalized face mask

How cool is it for the couple to attend their engagement party wearing their own custom face masks? Monogram their wedding or engagement party date for a more sentimental touch.

Hand-painted sign

Go DIY or buy the couple heartwarming hand-painted sign quotes for their engagement party. They can also use it at the wedding and transfer it to their home forever.

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Last Minute Engagement Gifts

Got the news late or you’ve been confused about what engagement gifts to buy until the last minute? We’ve got you with these ideas.

Pearl bracelet

Pearls are timeless and scream class. Snag them onto her wrist for the engagement party or wedding. They can be a bit pricey, but their elegance makes up for the cost.

Save to engagement gifts pearl bracelet

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Wifey tote bag

Put her thought of becoming a wife on a bag and get her excited. Gift her tote bags monogrammed or encrusted with wifey for her grocery, work, gym, or beach outings. Ensure they’re durable so she can use them for a long time.

Personalized mugs

Morning coffee will never be the same again with his and hers matching personalized mugs. Opt for a funny engagement gift by incorporating quirky motifs or hilarious love quotes.

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Engagement Gifts For Women

Engagement gifts for women should be cute, practical, and meaningful. You should get the things that she can use in preparation for the wedding, on the wedding day, or in her everyday life.


Get the bride to be a silky satin robe that will make her feel luxurious on her big day. Personalize it by having “bride or her name monogrammed on it.


Help the bride activate her sexy and knock her partner’s socks off by gifting her a set of bombshell lingerie. A honeymoon will be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Manicure set

A bride that’s well put together is a happy one. For days that she cannot go to the spa, gift her a fancy manicure set to keep her fingernails pretty.


The bride will do a lot of hopping while planning her wedding. Scrubs are thoughtful engagement gifts to help her exfoliate and maintain glowing skin.

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Engagement Gifts For Him

The perfect engagement gifts for him should be useful, practical, and thoughtful. Find some unique ideas that cost between $85 to $370 below.


A signature cologne is a beautiful gift idea as it enhances smell, boosts mood, and confidence. It is also a special one to wear on the big day.

Custom tool belt

If the groom is a handyman, a tools belt is a great engagement gift idea. He can put his tools within reach and do his work with ease.

Save to engagement gifts custom tools belt

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For all the memories and documentation of their love and lives together, a camera comes in handy. Get him a waterproof camera to execute his new hobby.


A beautiful way to showcase his personality is through a bracelet. Opt for metals like two-tone gold or platinum, with his name engraved in. It is a thoughtful gift.


Engagement Gifts For Couples

Engagement gifts for couples should either be practical or geared towards creating quality bonding time. Choose a gift from their registry, but if they don’t have one, the options are endless, from personalized presents to unending crowd-pleasers that are universally acceptable. The gifts also fall within different price points, so you don’t go overboard budget.


Yummy macaroons are sweet treats and fun gifts to mark an engagement. Some snacks for the night after a long day makes the difference.

Cider basket

Curate a sizeable basket of apple cider vinegar, some chocolates, cheese, and popcorn for the couple’s enjoyment. This the perfect rustic holiday engagement gift.

Herb garden

If couple got a green thumb, buy them a herb garden as an engagement gift. Marjoram, sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender, oregano, etc., are some herbs that are great for the indoors.

Just Engaged Gifts

Wow, your just engaged friends with cool finds like personalized gifts, a household essential, or a splurge-worthy idea. If you know the couple personally, choose gifts that fit their lifestyle. But if you don’t, then look through their registry or consider acceptable safe bets that never fail.


Buy one of the best bride to be gifts a stunning pair of elegant earrings. Go for precious gems like her birthstone, a mix of his and hers, or a random but attractive gem.

Custom ring dish

Customized engagement gifts don’t get better than ring dishes. It appeals to every bride, especially when customized. Opt for ceramic, resin, glass, or acrylic engraved gold with her name. She can safely put her ring in it when she wants to keep her ring safe from scratching.

Homemade soap

If you love crafts, then soaps handmade with love are one of the unique gifts for your girl. If she loves to pamper herself, make fragranced and skin-beneficial soaps that will prep her skin for the big day.

Gifts For Newly Engaged Daughter

Gifts for a newly engaged daughter are nothing but thoughtful. She would love a gift that speaks to her and connects to you. Simply choose a gift based on her hobbies, passion, wishes, or what she needs for the days ahead.

Box with cakes

If your baby girl loves her treats with doses of sugar, send her boxes of cakes in different variants of flavors and shapes. This is a good way to start the celebration.


Buy her a headpiece befitting of the princess that she is. Depending on her personality or wedding theme, you can go urban classic, rustic, whimsical, boho, modern, or tres chic.


For the woman that loves to cook, the classic traditional hardback cookbook is a thoughtful present. Check and highlight her favorite recipes so she can find them with ease.

Memory frame

Carve her best quotes on a wooden canvas, engrave her name and spray paint. Encase in a glass frame and present this heartfelt gift to her. It’s a sentimental keepsake.

Engagement Gifts For Sister

Whether you’re getting engagement gifts for a newly engaged daughter or sister, it is more personalized because they’re a part of you. See ideas below.

Personalized wine bottle

What better way to say congratulations than getting a custom wine bottle for your sister and her beloved. This is one of the celebratory engagement gifts for couples to share. Engrave the bottle with her name or change the stickers to something personal. You can also opt for a custom box.

Cupcake set

If she’s a lover of pastries, a box of cupcakes is one of the engagement gift ideas that indulges her exotic palates. Deliver a custom box containing beautiful colors of cupcakes in different shapes and fillings. You can fill letters on them spelling congratulations or her name. Another idea is baked images of bridal dress, shoes, ring, crown. It could be a great idea for bridal shower gifts.


For the romantic sister, give her something blue like the garter, whether she’d throw it or not. Opt for lace, silk, or encrusted style, which could serve as a keepsake.

Jewelry storage box

Your sister just scored big, but she needs a place to store the ring sometimes. Get her a jewelry box, which is one of the most appropriate engagement gifts for women. Engrave or encrusted it with her name using crystals, rhinestones, or pearls.

Engagement Gifts For Friends

The best engagement gifts for friends are thoughtful, versatile, and creative. See some ideas below.

Homemade jam

Homemade jams are the perfect gifts for every person who loves to spend some time in the kitchen. Get your granny’s recipes and make jam variants with lots of love for your dear friend.

Cookie mix jar

A cookie mix jar is a stash of edible goodness that your sweet-toothed friend would love. Create a mix of cookies that your friend loves and present to her in a custom jar that has her name engraved.

Scented candles

Do they love to relax? Then Scented candles are some of the best engaged gifts for couples. Offer them more meaningful bonding time as they light up Scented candles in their home, bedroom, and personal spa time.

Engagement Gift Etiquette

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Engagement gifts are just little ways to celebrate a couple and also show your love. There are many just engaging gifts appropriate for friends and family. If you’re also a last-minute shopper, you’ll find meaningful options to choose from. We’ve lined up some of the best engagement gifts in this post to suit your budget, style, and relationships. Check them out and get inspired.